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American Primers and Readers

Featuring the Words and Collection of Richard L. Venezky

An online exhibition of the Cubberley Education Library, Stanford University

Textbook Publishing

Overview of the two Textbook Publishing exhibit cases
Detail of Textbook Publishing exhibit case Detail of Textbook Publishing exhibit case

"The handpress, which remained basically the same from Gutenberg through the early nineteenth century, was operated by a pair of journeymen and could produce under skilled effort at most 250 impressions per hour" (Venezky, 1990a, p. 20).

"In contrast, the steam press, which was perfected in the 1830s, could be operated by low-paid boys and girls and could produce 3,000 impressions per hour.

"Then, newly built canals and roads allowed publishers to operate profitably over a larger territory than before, thus leading to a further squeeze on the small, local printing and publishing houses" (Venezky, 1990a, p. 20).